Alcohol The Killer

by Ginola Nauseb

alcohol kills


We are fighting a bruising battle, a battle between alcohol and those who want to stop it. People know about the effects of this drug but they are blinded by the desire and inner passion they have for it. This has rapidly grown in my country and in a way influencing teenagers causing them to drop out before they fail and those who still have a little bit of taste for school proceed till the end of the year then fail and eventually drop out. Alcohol is pleasure and for some their daily bread. There are those who consume more alcohol then the amount of water they drink in a day and their bodies are so blended in it if they stop, they might die if they don’t get proper rehabilitation. People mostly in rural areas are the ones that sell home brewed alcohol for a living. I know they do not have a choice, this money sends their children to school and puts bread into their mouths. The road to finding a solution to this may be blocked but I BELIEVE that all road blocks can be overcome till we reach our destination. Many do not deserve to surfer because of alcohol but there may be nothing you can do but there is hope, I have heard about tough situations and witnessed amazing solutions. Believe that what you don’t believe in: that is what will save an alcoholic or your peer. This just may be the key to their self-recovery. You may or may not have the power to change someone’s life but you have the power to make it better. So take the time to think and make the choice that reflects your better judgement.