Max Burtscheidt

Intern article by Sophie Winnie Tendane

Max Burtscheidt is one of the volunteers from German, he came to P.A.Y at the end of January 2019 through a German institution that sends volunteers to different organizations in Namibia

I had an interview with Max to tell me how he was finding his stay so far at P.A.Y.  Asked whether he likes being part of P.A.Y, he replied strongly that‘’ of course yes, I enjoy the work that I do here at P.A.Y’’ Max’s duties at P.A.Y are teaching grade 8 to 9 learners Mathematics, making sandwiches for kids and helping at the center where needed. He says he likes his learners and likes seeing them make progress.

He further described the first weeks of him teaching at P.A.Y as very challenging since kids were still not used to him and were not that open to him like now. As days went by, he later found out that kids here at P.A.Y are really motivated and most of them really want to learn. He said ‘’ when I give them at ask, first they are asking questions and after they complete the task, they ask for more, to me it’s always a sign that they are learning something, and I am always proud of it.’’

Max came to P.A.Y through a German institution, that sends volunteers to different organization in Namibia, he found more information about P.A.Y on P.A.Y’s website and through searching he found out that this is the project he wants.

He further stated that he has widespread of goals that he wants to achieve at the end of his stay at P.A.Y. Beginning with learning and interacting with different cultures, getting to know a culture way far from European culture , and to improve his English language use and get experience that he can use  back home  before he starts studying or working . This experience can then give him direction to decide on his future life.

With his last words he describes P.A.Y as a safer environment for learners and says he likes everything he has experienced so far at PAY.