Mariental story

by Shawn Mento We had a trip to Mariental to go and participate in the Mariental Chamber of Commerce Race, which is a duathlon and triathlon race. Most of the team members did the Duathlon, while there were only 2 teams from PAY; My Team (Shawn Mento, Ricardo Mangalie and Paulus Sheya), the other team […]

Makes you not take things for granted

we watched a documentary on girls rising up and all about their was very amazing and unique to learn about this girls lifes and having to go through terrible ordeals just to make it through life”s challenges,having to see what this poor kids are going through at this young and tender years really make […]

Girl Rising documentary

by Jennifer  Mathews The Girl Rising documentary gave me  a lot of motivation.  It taught me to stand up for my rights, no matter what it takes, because I am special.  The documentary  was also very touching, knowing that someone that violated your right by raping you is still out there, with no justice served.  As girl […]