Samantha Lor

Intern article by Sophie Winnie Tendane

Meet one of the new interns from America, Samantha Lor. As part of her school curriculum she is required to do a Project called an IQP before she graduates. She opted to do hers in Namibia at P.A.Y. She said they are doing a science project, and this is the first time for their school to be working with P.A.Y and this will be a great contribution to P.A.Y because they have never had a science project done at their center.

Through a good review from an American volunteer to Namibia, Samantha says she got more motivated to apply at P.A.Y. She further stated that most of students from their school who do their projects in Namibia always have positive results and hope for the same outcomes.

Samantha helps children with science related activities doing different science experiments. At the time of this interview, she had been at P.A.Y for three days, and asked how she was finding P.A.Y so far she said ’’ I really like it and I feel it’s a good program and its beneficial to the learners who are getting free meals after school and also being helped with school work.’’

She further explains that she has been chatting with some of the learners at the center and they say they don’t learn much in school or there’s always issues where a teacher won’t show up and stuff, so it’s good that they have P.A.Y. Finally she said kids are really curious to learn, and that at the end of their project they will leave booklets with lessons that can help the students for the long term