Matias Appreciating P.A.Y

Article by Antonet Domingo

Matias Kambata also known as chubby has been part of the P.A.Y family since 2015. He mostly does coding and IT but he prefers coding which is usually done on Saturday.


Chubby describes P.A.Y as his home, adding that, “it feels like home and the environment is caring and conducive. Chubby carried on saying, “I have not been to many places like P.A.Y that is a home to more the 100+ kids and at the same time, all the kids get the same special treatment.” Chubby says that there are many things that he has learned at P.A.Y, “P.A.Y has taught me to be a great person and to treat other as I would like them to treat me and to appreciate what I have. If not for P.A.Y some of us would have been fathers by now, maybe even in jail or drug addicts.

When I asked chubby to share special memories with me about P.A.Y he said,”I don’t have words to describe the goodness of P.A.Y, P.A.Y is a place that really changes children lives and I admire them for that. We are being taught moral values and they also help us set principals for our lives. They also help kids become better in their community.”

Chubby thanks pay for being the program/centre it is and his thankful for all P.A.Y has done for him.