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Filled with love and hatred at the same time,

this passion can lead to serious crime

for a woman, he feels love thats infinite

not knowing this leads to jealousy

day by day love grows

and so jealousy generates

after  the news of her pregnancy

oneday he saw her with another man talking and walking.

He stood by hit her against the wall

not thinking bout the consequences of his actions

living for today and not tomorrows satisfaction.

signs of unfaithfulness appear to him

he feels. her love for him has dimmed


passion has made him a perpetrator

it got the best of him, he hit her very hard

suddenly his surroundings became silent and absent

he then placed his heart on her heard

and there was no beat

he’s eyes became clouded with tears

cause he knew hat he did.

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Wise words will win you a good meal, but treacherous people have an appetite for violence. PROVERBS 13:2