Namibian child. Tabitha Goagoses


Namibian ChildIMG_20150929_153219

It means a lot to me to be Namibian child. To be a Namibian child is one of the best things in the world. Namibia is a peaceful country were you find a well organized government.

Namibia independent on 21 march 1990, and have 25 years of peace stability and prosperity. We are a democracy and we got rid of apartheid. Us as Namibian children are so blessed to have a president who is hardworking, honest and confident about leading the country.

Every child in Namibia has the right to education, shelter, to have a name, to be respected and to be treated fairly. To be a Namibian child is paramount role to play that one can ever have in life.

I am so lucky to be a Namibian child, I am so grateful to the Almighty God to have a president and a stable government who are good leaders. I love Namibia my own lovely countries. TABITHA GOAGOSES