Max Burtscheidt

Intern article by Sophie Winnie Tendane Max Burtscheidt is one of the volunteers from German, he came to P.A.Y at the end of January 2019 through a German institution that sends volunteers to different organizations in Namibia I had an interview with Max to tell me how he was finding his stay so far at […]

Gavin Sabol

Intern article by Antonet Domingo Gavin is also a student from America; his currently doing his internship at P.A.Y for a period of two months. During his time at P.A.Y, Gavin hopes his team can engage the learns in basic science lessons and to get students excited about science.On their first day they did a […]

Samantha Lor

Intern article by Sophie Winnie Tendane Meet one of the new interns from America, Samantha Lor. As part of her school curriculum she is required to do a Project called an IQP before she graduates. She opted to do hers in Namibia at P.A.Y. She said they are doing a science project, and this is the […]

Olivia Gibbs

Intern Article by Sophie Winnie Tendane Olivia Olivia Gibbs is one of the new interns from America at P.A.Y and she is happy to be helping at PAY and doing her project at the center for two months. She is a 3rd year college student and as part of her studies she is also required to […]


VOLUNTEER  BY ANTONET DOMINGO Marvin is from Germany and has been doing his internship since October last year at P.A.Y. Marvin got this internship through the garden in village organization, which has been working with P.A.Y for some time now in regards to interns. Marvin says that the environment at P.A.Y is very friendly, cosy, […]


Staff Member Feature Article by SOPHIE WINNIE TENDANE ‘Working as a woman security officer is not an easy job especially in the environment where PAY is situated. Meet Miss Betty Ugwanga who has been serving as a security officer at P.A.Y since  2015. In an interview I had with her she explained that her duties at […]