Because of P.A.Y I learned how to cycle and swim

My name is Selma Mawano, I am 14 years of age. I school at Goreangab Junior Secondary School and I am in grade8. My hobbies are swimming, cycling, singing, modelling and dancing. I like socializing with people, making new friends, having fun and making jokes. I am a very soft hearted person, kind, friendly and helpful. I like helping out where I am needed and being at places where I am appreciated. My dream is to become an IT Technician one day. The reason being is that I love being around computers and working with them, I also very good when it comes to computers. I just love computers.


Physically Active Youth (P.A.Y) is a place where I come every day after school to come do homework and get help. I started coming to P.A.Y in 2011, when I was grade 6 ever since then I started coming every day. This is my third year at P.A.Y and since I have been here I like P.A.Y very much. P.A.Y is a place whereby I get to do and get help with my homework. Because of P.A.Y I learned how to cycle and swim, I am now in the girls Elite cycling team. I love coming to P.A.Y because I get to try new things rather than sitting at home and doing nothing .P.A.Y takes us to places we never went to and at every and of a term we go on camps to different places. P.A.Y is a fun place to be.