Maggy: we came up with a better solution for desertification

On the 14th of september we had a very in interesting day at pay which was alot of fun for me and my fellow participants..

Firstly we got to see how the soil is prepared and what chemical fertilizer and non chemical fertilizer is used in order for the soil to be mixed properly and then hats how you start to plant your seed..The best part was that i got to know the secret ingredient on how to plant and how your soil will turn out,it was shocking to know that it was ground warms that play such an important role in soil prepartion plus some household waste,i also learned that the best way to planting was through irrigation and knowing what horticulture..
I saw that people got a chance to go watch documentary film about desertification which i did not see but got to see it in the last episode because we grade 10s and 12s got to get our own lecture study time to do which was basically about our final year examination which i was doing some catalogue and stuff, but when i went in for the last session which had to do with desertification caused by cutting down trees without re-planting them and living in desert areas where no planting takes place so they actually wanted us to debate about it and come up with a better solution for it and what to do about it.