P.A.Y is a place you can never find anywhere else in the world

My name is Martin Sheya. I was born on the 09 northern part of Namibia called ondangwa; I also completed my primary school in 2008 there. I’m a very talented boy, full of potentials and I believe I’m myself.  I go for what is right and ignore what is not right.  I live with my siblings and I am the last born. I have five (5) sisters and one (1) brother.

I live in the capital city of Namibia well known as Windhoek. This year, I am completing my 12 grade at Immanuel shifidi high school, a school found near where I stay. I really love doing sports such cycling, swimming, running and etc. I enjoy listening to music (house), meeting new friend, socialising, making jokes laughing and a lot of funny things. My biggest dream is to become a civil engineer.