PAY may be dainty but has a lot to offer

My name is Lydiana.  I am a 14 year old student at Jan Mohr Secondary School. My hobbies are singing, swimming, designing and as well as modelling.

I am a very social, intellectual, creative and outspoken person.  I love loyal and friendly people.  I have billions of friends. I love playing Netball, Soccer and Tennis. I am a very competitive person and I love taking on new challenges.

After school I mostly go to the B.N.C and at other times, come to the P.A.Y, I always do myhomework and get taught. Volunteers at the P.A.Y Programme help me with my homework if I don’t understand.  When I am at P.A.Y, I feel much loved because there are a lot of blissful and admirable people.  P.A.Y may be very dainty but, it has a lot of help to offer.  I am a very fluky person to be at such a wonderful place.