Shawn: I hope things like these can happen more often

In the beginning, we had to do an activity whereby we had to make a water-fill, and the winning group gets a price… Which obviously was my group who won, with Petrus Kunamwene and Selma Mawano being my team mates. With all the disturbance in the room and around, iv’e been taught what Desertification is and how Deforestation leads to Desertification. Other stuff i learned was that; not all plants/trees grow in the same soil; some grow in granules; Horticulture (STUDY AND PRACTICE OF GROWING PLANTS) and how they adapt to certain climates.
A few videos were shown to us about desertification, we got to see how it occurs, reasons why it occurs, the effects it has on the environment at large. Different species of plants were brought forward and we classified them according to some visible features and their adaptations. Dixon who lade the program was fun, interesting and funny, Because of the pressure PAY kids can give to a newbie..
In conclusion to everything, the sessions were fine, except for the part were we were debating, and the topic behind everything was misunderstood by many. And so there was confusion and misunderstanding between groups, but I hope things like these can happen more often, so that we know what happens in our surroundings.