Paulus Sheya: we learned how to keep our environment safe

Today was all about plants and environment.
First of all we went to the garden to look at plants.
They were nice green well planted. After wards we did drawings about desertification I did a drawing of plants in the desert. After we looked at the drawings and voted for the best one. I didn’t win but I know that all of us are winners. After wards we did water filters in groups. We used empty bottles and water plus soil and small stones for the experiments, out of the filters clean water came out. We were taught about deforestation, what causes it and we were also taught how to prevent it. We learnt a lot.
We learned how turn dirty water into clean water. I also learned the meaning of deforestation during the lessons. We were also told that plants grow accordingto the weather conditions they are used to, from now on we will make sure not to cut down trees. It was a great day and we learned a lot on how to keep our environment safe.



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