What I learned about desertification

by Martin Sheya

We watched several movies about deforestation and desertification. Those movies made us aware of desertification and deforestation especially what they are, what they can affect, how they can be prevented. What they can lead to. ThenI ALSO learned that deforestation can later lead to desertification if it is not taken care of or prevented early. I also learned the different adaptations of different plant. The next activity was to identify different species of plants and how they are adapted to live in those places where they are from. Some of the plant species were the Guava plants, Mango plants, lemon plants and etc. those plant when they are in Namibia are commonly known as foreign plant because they are not originated from Namibia but from the Northern parts of Africa. Those fruit plant can easily be identified from other plants that are not meant to produce fruits and their leaves are very different from others. When we finished with the plants, we than played games and at the same time goggled more on the things that we did during the day. We later started writing about the different activities that we did during the day, after that we ate dinner at the centre since we slept over. Immediately after dinner, we started play music and started dancing. In the evening we watched movies that we chose ourselves till around 4am in the morning.