Mariental story

by Shawn Mento

We had a trip to Mariental to go and participate in the Mariental Chamber of Commerce Race, which is a duathlon and triathlon race. Most of the team members did the Duathlon, while there were only 2 teams from PAY; My Team (Shawn Mento, Ricardo Mangalie and Paulus Sheya), the other team had John Shipanga, Ronaldo Uirab and Dios Skrywer. And obviously my team came first, followed by Ronaldo’s team, and there wa no third place. The race went well and everybody on the team managed to get either gold or silver. Unfortunately, there were complications in our times and it happened that both teams didnt get their price money, and medals yet, but we were told to hang on. On our way back to WHK , we had an incident whereby the left-back tyre fell off, but because of the Grace Of God, nobody got injured.

So we had to spend another night in Mariental and on Sunday we were back in Windhoek…

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  1. uhm, the race was a great experience for me as Dios Skrywer….even though all that happened,this year 2014 i look forward on bringing back a gold medal either by individual or as a team race……

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