Makes you not take things for granted

we watched a documentary on girls rising up and all about their was very amazing and unique to learn about this girls lifes and having to go through terrible ordeals just to make it through life”s challenges,having to see what this poor kids are going through at this young and tender years really make me wonder what type of world we living in and where its going to…..Children in other parts of the world do not go to schools either because their parents have got no money,they dont believe in kids going to school instead of helping at home or because one of their parents force them to get married at a younger age in order to support the families which is so so so sad this makes me think how we namibians kids take our rights as a joke and how we take things for granted and this kids were brave enough to take a stand and let their rights to be heard no matter what and in the end some went to school and got the education that they wanted and some stood up against teenage married and let their voices to be heard which made me think of myself and how i would like to make a change and be the bigger person and hopefuly on day make the world know of the childrens rights and that we are humans and we do count in what we do.