ON THE 12 APRIL 2014

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After many years I was invited to go to the National Theater of Namibia (NTN), to see a play of Charley and the Chocolate Factory.

Petrus, Vianny, Ginola, Jenny, Jenifer, Martha, Julia, Helvi, Selma, Eunice, Diina, Sharlote, Tuliki, Rose, Janet, Florence, Latisha, Izanne and I went there as P.A.Y participants to watch the play.

I enjoyed the play so much that I could watch it over & over again. The play was mastered/polished very well, that I can say it was directed by an expert, someone that knows what needs to be done to have such awesome scene. The characters chosen for the play were perfect…. During the performance Liz Ellis would come out with her team singing the theme song and other songs as well, which was sort of a constructive distraction to the audience for the actors to get ready for the next scene, which they did very well. The lights, sounds, effects, equipment use was superb. If I have to rate the play out of a 100% I would give it a 75% because though it was wonderful, the play was not that long and not all the scenes of the movie were in the play. But in truth, the play was fabulous.

I would love to go to National Theater of Namibia (NTN) more often and see other performances directed by experts like Ms Sandy Rudd and I would love one day to see myself on stage and show the skills that my friends and family say I have…work with other famous(local and international) actors and directors. Last but not least I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Sandy Rudd for the invitations and P.A.Y for taking my friends and I to they play. 

4 thoughts on “Performance review: CHARLEY AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY

  1. Yeah the play was really amazing and what made it more interesting was the different Namibian languages they spoke…..

  2. I really enjoyed the play,it was structured very well,,prepared excellently,,honestly i don’t have the right words it was wonderful,,and an awesome experience and so happy I was invited. I loved all of it,the theme songs sound effects and the lighting was amazing!!!!

  3. Your blog explains everything about the play very well. And you did a good job,you should write more blogs.

  4. I really would love to see you on stage… Because me, myself, I know what a great actor you are. And surely it will be fun seeing you on stage.

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