Performance review: Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

by Vianney Links


The story revolves around a poor young boy named charle buket born to a penniless; starving family his tree sets grandparants reside in their children ; tiny house and lead a badridden existence and Charlie is fascinated about the universally celebrated chocolate factory located in his hometown owend by famous chocolate Willy Wonka. His grandpa joe often narrates staries to him about the chocolate factory and about its mysterious proprietor and the mysteriously reopened after Wonkas secret sweet recipes had been discovered. Soon after an article in the newspaper reveals that Willy Wonka has hidden a golden ticket in five chocolate bars being distributed to anonymous locations world wide,and that the discovery of a golden ticket would grant the owner with passage into Willy Wonka factory and a lietime supply of confectionery.Charlie longs for chocolate to satisfy his hunger and to finda golden ticket himself but his chance are slim(his mother has recently lost her jod, leaving the family all but destitute). and word on the discovery of the tickets keeps appearing in various news articles read by the bucket family, each one going to self-centred.bratty children an obese, gluttonous boy named Augustus a spoiled brat named Veruca a record breaking gum chewer named Violet and Mike an aspiring gangster who is unhealthily obsessed with television eventually Charlie finds a ticket of his own the children once at the factory are taken to the chocolate room where they are introduced to Oompa Loompa from Loompaland who have been helping Wonka operate the factory. While there Augustus falls into the chocolate and is sucked up by a pipe of eliminated from the tour. they are soon taken to the inventing room where violet chews a piece of experi entai gum that change flavour from KFC to Kapana and blows into a blueberry. afteran exhausting jog down a series of corridors Wonka allows them to rest outside the nut room but refuses them entry Veruca seeing squirrels inside demands one from Wonka but when she is refused he invades the nut room where the squirrels attack her judge her a bad nut and throw her down the garbage chute. likewise with her parents who go in to rescue her, they go on great glass elevator to the television room where Mike accidentally shrinks himself to a few inches tall using a teleporter Wonka invevted, and is the last to be eliminated from the tour Charlie being the last child left wins the prize the factory itself. Wonka had distributed the golden tickets to find an heir and Charlie was the only one who passed the test together they go to Charlies house in the glass elevator and take the whole family back to the chocolate factory to live out rest of their lives.