After reading The Brave and Startling Truth

When will we come to it?

“A poem by Maya Angelou”

A brave and startling truth



Hard times of blood shed,

tears and worries should all come to pass.


Battles will be fought, it does not matter

the place nor time.

Actions will be taken, harshly!

Until we come to it.


The screaming, from beating

nightmares from abuse,

and fear from the truth.

Suicide will come through the minds of victims,

like the sound of grinding through metal.


We will walk through thick thorn bushes,

our feet will bleed and be bruised,

and the taste of our bitter tears,

rolling down our faces we will taste.

Before we come to it.


The pressure will put us down,

the contradiction that will be miraculous,

will make every effort seem meaningless.


When we come to it

the fresh breeze will cool our bodies, and minds

from all sweat and fear

The truth will at last set us free

only by then we will see all that we stood up for.



Originally By Maya Angelou

Written by Jennifer Mathews