A writing of Maja Angelous poem by Petrus Mawano

WHEN WILL WE COME TO IT? (a reading of Maya Angelou`s poem) Petrus Mawano

We will come to it when we start believing, when we get rid of our fear and dry our tears when everyone realizes that the war is not amongst us, but in our minds, when we stop being naughty and start acting holy, there’s a possibility that we will come to it.

We will come to it when we all acknowledge that we are all the same despite our skin colour, race or nationality, when we stop giving power to others by making ourselves victims, when our presidents and governments stop being aloof from us and get involved in our lives.

We can only come to it when we use our creative thoughts to change the world, when we realize that nothing is owned, we can add value to what we have and to the lives of others. We also need to stop speaking badly about each other and always keep in mind that there’s only one God.

We can make this happen if churches are used for the right purposes and preach the same thing. This can occur when we believe it is possible to build Pyramids and the Gardens of Babylon, when religious rituals do not have a bad effect on other people, when we learn to forget about the past and come to peace with each other, and finally when we can finally petition for tokens of peace in the light.

We will come to it when things such as sexual abuse and crime no longer exist, when good things are normal to us and bad things stop happening, then we come to it.