When will we come to it by Jenny Mento

“When will we come to it(A poem by Maya Angelou)”

We live in a world of cankerous and scorn.
We fear to see daylight everyday just because of the fear we have for them.
They are bad, daggers and rifles are used upon us.
That’s why we fear going outdoors and seeing our beautiful river flow and birds flying in the sky singing to us.

We all ask ourselves the same questions over and over.
Why is this happening? How did all this begin? And when will we come to the day of peacemaking?

The day of peacemaking can only come true to us when they become pure and caring, when they stop the mistreating, and let us go free.
We want to smell fresh air again, walk freely on this mother earth and sleep with smiles on our faces every night knowing we are free on this beautiful planet.

We don´t want to abide by the rules that are bitter and cruel.
We don´t want to follow them and their destruction on this beautiful mother earth.
Nor do we want to be forced to sign petitions and live under a world of disruption, anger and contempt.

And finally “when we, we the people come to it, we must confess that we are possible.
We are miraculous, we are the true wonder of the world.
That is when, and only when we really come to it, to the day of peacemaking.”