Written with inspiration and great enthusiasm,the mother of words Maya Angelou.Ginola Nauseb

A brave and starling truth
When will we come to it

Our world a insignificant dot
in an ever increasing universe
is where we live ,our home.

We should not stand by
and watch our world crumble
in the hands of tragedy
catastrophe and man made disasters.

By standing together
we have climbed mountain tops
built giant pyramids
established revolutions
and ended great depressions.

Life is a school
and offers compelling education .
But who are we suppose to blame
for the negativity
which we grow with.

The day of peacemaking
does it need a miracle to come,
how strong should beliefs be,
is violence and force our way to ,
or up to what extent are we willing to go.

How will a world without borders be
will it be one great empire
or will this be a gateway to illegal activity
So has borders and boundaries shaped our world
or separated cultures and traditions and
is this making others more supreme than the rest.

I know the road is long
the journey is troubled
the beginning hasn’t begun
but soon the fight may be forgotten
until the day we come to it.

{ Inspired by Maya Angelou}