Ginola Nauseb

Ginola Nauseb (GINO)

My name is Ginola Nauseb but you can call me Gino. I grew up with my younger sister and a couple of years later my parents got me and my sister another baby sitter. As a child growing up I was very sociable and loved to interact with others. I grew up in an extended family of about 15 members and of whom 7 are my nieces and nephews. I have been with them for almost all my life.

Accustomed to growing up with a lot of adults and kids I have learned when to be a kid and when to act mature. Even my own friends know that I know that there is a time for everything, there is time for fun and time to get serious. During my primary school years I became drifted away from society because I spend most of my entire day reading and reading books , my friends would say that I became addicted to reading and not focus on school, and then after sometime I set my limits to reading and would only read two hours a day. I did not get any certificates in my grade sixth year but I again got seven certificates in my final primary year.

During my first high school year, my number of friends doubled and this unfortunately had a negative effect on my academic performance. Though I knew a lot about sex and peer influence I wanted to experience it all and I did and passed with very weak marks at the and of the year. Second high school year I decided to stop drinking and partying and although my friends did not agree with it, I did´nt mind them and knew it was for my own benefit and not theirs.
Then that same year I was introduce to the Physically Active Youth center in my community and it has been one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. This program provides participants with sport activities of their choice like cycling,swimming,Ringall and physical fitness and also helps them with basic accessories to improve their academic marks, before I joined the program my friends told me all about it and after all they offer I never knew it would all be free of charge. This center has shown me that you need nothing from the community in order to make the life´s of others better. At this center I learned how to ride a bike and how to swim,Ii have not yet found a word that would explain my gratitude.
This is my grade ten year and I pray to God that I show all those who did not believe in me that I will reign supreme.