My Community Has evolved(My story) Ginola Nauseb

My community has evolved (my story)

A place I grew up in, where I walked my first steps and said my first sounds. I am made by my community, it taught me one of the most adaptable ways to survive in the world I have been born in. Community is all about indirect teaching and showing you the way but not going with you and this is a way of preparing you to stand alone. To see how others survive and the things they do made me know what to expect as I was growing up. Until one day me and my family moved to another location and when we came back after four years we wore more than just surprised….

My community has changed, every kid I use to play with is totally different , though they have grown they have became mature to that extent that they are now totally different people. There are now plenty of shebeens and bars and almost every weekend someone is stabbed to death or seriously injured. I expected change but not in a bizarre way.
As I have now lived in my community for a year know I became reunited with my child hood friends and became to know stuff which no ordinary person could imagine.
There is a 16 year old boy who also use to be one of my friends, now listen to this; he dropped out of school and is now selling drugs yes drugs, his older brother is a (kooser) burglar and has made a name for him self as if its something good and the worst part about it is that others look unto him as courages and fearless and not knowing they are blinded by the desire for money.
Boys in my community hang around in groups, namely, the Dagga group, the burglars, the hit and runners who snatch others cellphones and run and where 96.5 % of the entire community youth belong to the drinkers, this people are so addicted that they no longer have any respect for themselves and others and this where it all begins cause if you don´t have respect for yourself then your fellow associates wont respect you.
Many have dropped out of school and the number is rapidly increasing and its very sad that its the younger kids that are dropping out of school because they tend to stay with older drop outs and are influence by them.
The kids are becoming excessive smokers, every kid you see may have, either a cigarette or a alcohol bottle in his or her hand and i ask my self the ultimate question, where are we going?
We have no future, the only thing we think ahead for is waking up the next morning be lazy all day and go clubbing in the afternoon and so the cycle continuous.

There are only a hand fool of those whom i say have made better choices, i don´t know what to do but i reflect on what i see every day and make myself a better person and keep my place in society and not fall of and fall into influence. For those living in worst conditions than i do i plead that you do not indulge into what ever your community has offer and remember stay indoors.