Responsible drinking

by Petrus Kunamwene


Drinking alcohol can be put in two category’s namely responsible and irresponsible drinking.

Responsible drinking is when someone is consuming alcohol with a limit. Meaning this person knows when to stop and consumes alcohol consciously.

Irresponsible drinking is when someone is consuming alcohol constantly with no limits. This person does not have self control and mostly don’t respects themselves and people around them.

Our community also plays a vital role in moulding this people. People who are irresponsible as cool and this guys earn a sort of a reputation as the top alcoholics of the community this becomes a problem to the young people who take this people as role models just because of their social status.

Responsible drinker are named boring by the community and usually care and respect others and themselves kids usual don’t want to be like them cause they say it is a boring life.

In conclusion I learned that irresponsible drinkers do not care what type of massage they are giving out to other for them It is all about getting wasted and drinking but responsible drinkers do not only care about themselves but also care about others, that way if I ever start drinking alcohol I would rather be a responsible drinker then a irresponsible drinker.