My Name is Alcohol

by Selma Mawano


My name is Alcohol

And I am known worldwide

Mostly known for destroying homes

Separating families

And I tear marriages apart

I am your number 1

Solution to removing stress

And forgetting your problems

Once you get a taste of me

You will want more of me

And once you get more of me

You will want me each day

I am very expensive

And can be cheap too

All you need to do to get me

Is to have some cash and I’m all yours

Once your addicted to me

I use you

And I start destroying your mind

Your body

Your physical appearance

If you’re rich

I’ll make sure you invest all your money

In buying me

And I make you poor

And homeless

If you don’t want to end up

Poor, homeless and alone

quit now and you will be safe…..