A forgotten, unoperative system that was of benefit. Ginola Nauseb

A forgotten, unoperative system that was of benefit

It’s a hard pill to swallow

When the rules you fallow

are enforced

On the land your ancestors were wrongfully mounted on.


As our colonisers

Made life a struggle

And subsidise high prices

With new apartheid surprises

No matter our

ages, sizes, races, places, regions, religions, occupations, or societal status


we were abused by our own motherland

overun by foreign use for selfish development

and ignorant thinking,

they not growing

and lying to the world

of  how “apparently” we were flowing

Not knowing our leaders were

Appealing, sending, fighting, running, hustling, thriving,

For freedom

For freedom.


See they thought they pulled off an illusion on us

Set us on separate benches,

We had to buy through small windows and fences

And use separate busses

For transportation

A mass apartheid system

Based on elitism.


Cruelty to maintain the order

Or rather they used black dead bodies

To hold back the water

This was a anarchy

Where race rules

And not democracy

Washed us to believe white was dominant

(though they were)

Unconsciousness and uneducatedness

Made us dormant.


They had opportunities and jobs for the poor

It was called

Railroad building, gardening, domestic working, and herding.

Many would argue that aint living


But you see,

These days that we suffer

Are countless and alive

I always understood the present

To be a gift

Bad after 25 years its getting tougher.

A big national turn over

A flip side of a coin

That we gained (independence)

For us just became a corruption crossover.

From being oppressed

To civil oppression.



We chose not because

We have forgotten

But because we relieved

Our souls from (another word for burden)

Weight of hostility.


Today we forgotten

Still shall we tomorrow

And the day after tomorrow

And all the days after tomorrow,

Forever shall we maintain peace

And peace shall maintain us.