International Youth Day. Ginola Nauseb

What have you done as young person to help better out society.

In our society, I cannot stand up and say there are any role models because many of those in my community have strayed a different way. So I saw all this societal famine and I decided to involve myself in more and more youth workshops and campaigns. I have taken part in programs that reach out to the youths of all ages to prevent them  from going off track and to those already astray we have give them a new hope. I have travelled to places out of my region just to bring the massage to far stranded societies like the San people. Peer education has always been a passion and I have stood in front of a crowd as big as about 9 hundred people.

Do you feel that the youth have a role in Namibia

Every youth in Namibia is important even if he is a drug addict or she is pregnant and is know out of school. These two types of youth have just shown their worth because they made a wrong decision. Just to see how “The Arab spring” has quickly spread around the world like dominoes this shows how the youth can change a country to have things done their way. It can also be so for Namibia and our youth everyone matters for make a strong unit. We just need to work together and we will have the strength to govern this country.

How can we get more young people to become active in society

We must host more and more campaigns, workshops, programs and meetings to discuss national issues and the send our request to the parliament so that we can also have more say in our country. The aim is to introduce a platform where we talk and discuss situation concerning our country an d we try to set a solution that will benefit the nation. The involvement of youth in major decision making in this country is not so great but if can attract more and more to jut listen and participate we will grow in multitudes.

Share your personal success story of something good you’ve done in your society

During one of my workshops in 2014, it was so successful that we received plenty of email congratulating us and asking when we will repeat such a program. I participated in a poetry competition I was voted the best and won. My poem was about HIV and how it affects our society and what we can do about it.

What does International Youth Day mean to you

International youth day is basically a day for the youth that encapsulate cultural and legal youth matters. During this day the youth are given a voice to speak what they are facing so the government can solve it. It’s a day when the youth speak and the government listens. Workshops, cultural events, meetings involving national and local government officials and youth organizations to discuss matters concerning the youth. When it is international youth day I as a youth am given a chance to speak because the higher authorities are listening. I always write poetry to express myself and I lone for a platform to express myself and IYD is my time to do so.