The BUILD In A Box Camp. Ginola Nauseb


Students from the African Leadership Academy (ALA) came in consensus National Youth services (NYS) and hosted a camp to educate on Leadership and entrepreneurial skills. The camp was exuberating and we from the physically active youth and the Titus Basketball Academy and various schools were invited to the two day camp. Presumably we were around 20-25 youth.

In the very beginning of the camp we did a group introduction exercise; we were given 20 spaghetti stick, 1 mush mallow, a string and some tape. From these we had to create tower that can stand on its own with the mush mallow at the very top and the group that had the highest tower will win. This exercise basically taught us teamwork and the power of really working together. I loved the exercise and I’ll try it again someday.

The taught us what leadership and the qualities of a community changer and how to actually be the role model many Namibian communities need. I don’t think anyone left the camp without participating in the discussions and the reason I know we learned a lot is because I witnessed everyone participate. Than we looked at what the BUILD model means.                                                                                               Build stands for:

  • B=believe
  • U=understand
  • I=invent
  • L-listen
  • D=deliver

The model was used to help us entrepreneurship and how to be a game changer but it came to pass that one can actually use this model for anything studying, planning for trip, daily activities etc. We when through every letter in detail and I understand it fully now. I loved the way the atmosphere, everyone was just happy and the overall corporation of both the facilitators and the participants was awesome, applause.

Discussions got intense when we started to get really in depth with the situation an average Namibian faces and how we can individually solve them. It was tricky because the idea was self-centered and should be speaking about what the government do, No! What can you as a 17 year old praise this idea and I support this form of pragmatism . The discussion was nice only because we got solutions and did not end up like a political debate.

But my favorite part of the whole camp came when we did the ALA business model canvas and did elevator pitching. I love pitching especially when it’s one on one. So we did actual pitching exercise. You had to either sell yourself for and scholarship or internship or you had to sell a business idea. Selling yourself required bragging and telling what you can offer. Selling and idea is simple you explain what, why, benefits, interest of the possible investor etc. So because the time is limited and it maybe your only chance you had to make anyone buys what you are saying.

During the entire camp there were no complaints and the facilitators did a great job, thumbs up. We from the Physically Active youth would also like to take the moment to thank ALA for such an amazing experiencing and the new friends we have now. THANK YOU.