Namibian Child’s Day coming up. Ginola Nauseb

Arise child Arise

arise and realize

that now is the time to self-factualise,

that your current frequencies

of understand out-weight

that which has been given for you to understand.

Too much complaining

like a mumbling choir

You better shut-up and move forward

for this world is an ever widening anchire

The fire

Let it burn in your soul

and lift your spirit higher

don’t be quitter

but a tryer.

Dont let society fool you

nor circumstances rule you

Yes Namibian child you are

Poor, tight down

homeless, lonely

hurt, an addict,

zula boy or vagabond

but who said that’s the end of you?

You have tried your

art most best

but yet you still are possessed or oppressed

but i can tell you who to try

Try him who says

“Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”.

let me further profess………

(To be continued)

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