Namibian childs day Poem. Ginola Nauseb

Mama Africa

Namibian child


Have I not given you enough land?

Did I not teach you well

Have you lost your mind child?

Speak or get the weep.


If you only realize

The hardship

Your father Germany put us through

Your father was cruel

He wanted to divide rule.

Thank god the first conflict

Plundered him

And his neighbors overpowered him.


Did you inherit his ways?

Now why then do you

Cheat, overpower, neglect, abuse

Your children?


Do you not see,

My scared face?

Scalded by your step-father,

Violate not your own,

As your fathers did.


Yes you live

In the order they left

No more Namibia

No more is the breastplate of poverty


No more do you sleep in a blanket of abuse

Or carry a helmet of apartheid

No more shall they smote you child

No more,

You better turn,

Stop contorting your mouth

In brief spite

And listen to what

Independence means.


It’s never complete

But by your best

It will reach the satisfaction

Of the majority.

It is not everlasting

So shut up


And refocus, WHY

Why you got independent.

Independence means justice,

Therefore punishment

Is in your hands

but know on whose

wrist you it.

On who’s wrist you put it…