Stand Up, Speak Up, Fight Back. Jenny Mento

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You’re so much worth the pain, drama,

violence and unhappiness.

You should have stood up for what’s right,

seeked for help where ever,

you could’ve walked away from that lifestyle.

Know that you always have a choice;

a choice to live like a doll or like a beautiful independent woman.

Build up a better home for you

and your children

so that you live in joy and safety.

We as women are seen as fragile objects but that is not true.

We’re stronger,

braver more confident

and can tackle any possible obstacle

that come our way.

Your story may have a little effect on my environment.

Some women would still live in fear and abuse.

If they hear of you becoming a positive person,

encourage them like I’m.

They won’t have to be scared anymore.

And being afraid was never the answer

to your problems

but standing up for what is right was the answer.