Girl Rising documentary

by Jennifer  Mathews

CIEE_Girls_RisingThe Girl Rising documentary gave me  a lot of motivation.  It taught me to stand up for my rights, no matter what it takes, because I am special.  The documentary  was also very touching, knowing that someone that violated your right by raping you is still out there, with no justice served.  As girl I should show that I have strength, ability and talent to do anything.  As the the documentary said “educate a girl and save the world”, that already shows me that I am safe, and have the full support of the law.  As we were asked to share what we thought the documentary was all about, not a lot of us had much to say as the documentary was very clear and brief.  I personally appreciate the fact that I had the chance to watch this documentary, it really boost my self-worth, and shows that a girl is very valuable.