Girl Rising: after the movie

Author: Annellie I.T. Ndeumane

Grade: 4c School: People’s Primary School

This blog is dedicated to the girls who are being abused and of course to PAY Programme

Chapter 1 :Wadley

What I felt was the girl stood up for her rights because each child has the right to free education

Chapter 2

The second girl was being treated fairly by her mother but the police were being rude & rough towards them

Chapter 3

The third girl  had no right to slavery .If anybody says I should be their slave I will say ”I am a human not a dog”

The movie was great when I  watched it I felt the spirit going into me. I would advise all the girls  reading my message listen to your heart brain soul &strength not to anyone else

It hurts my heart to see girls being raped, molested, killed in cold blood and being trafficked. Stop the abuses!