P.A.Y Welcomes New Interns.

Ariana Rozen

Article by Antonet Domingo


Ariana Rozen who is from the U.S is a new intern at P.A.Y. The internship is part of a school project that she has to complete.

Ariana and her friends got to know about P.A.Y through a mutual friend. During my interview with Ari she openly shared what she and team aims to achieve at the end of their 2-month period, which is to ensure that the kids at P.A.Y know the basic of biochemistry and the building blocks of each subject.

She hopes that students from her school can also come to P.A.Y and build on what they have started. Ari and her team aspire to give P.A.Y’s students units of lessons that can be taught in future years to come. They are currently building a curriculum for sciences at P.A.Y.

Ari also spoke about how polite the kids have been, adding that, “they are very well behaved.” Ariana ends her interview by saying, “I love being at work, I love coming here every day, it’s really fun!