Lakel Johannes

A short story of Lakel by Antonet Domingo

LAKEL JOHANNES has been part of the P.A.Y family for the past three years now.

She lives with her father, mother, sister and her brother. Lakel is in grade 7, she describes P.A.Y as a fun place to be. Lakel says that she does not have a favorite teacher;teachers at P.A.Y are all her favorite.

Lakel took me through her daily routine at P.A.Y. Monday they have Maths classes and the volunteers also help them with their homework. Tuesday they have English classes and do homework. Wednesday they have computer classes. Thursday its English classes and Friday they do arts and life skills. Lakel says, that the teaching style of P.A.Y is better than the  one from  school, adding that she is able to pass test papers at P.A.Y and the ones from school are usually just average marks.

Lakel also spoke about her sports journey, she mentions that before coming to P.A.Y she did not like sports at all, while at P.A.Y she discovered that she liked sports a lot, especially soccer and cycling, but mostly soccer. Lakel says she loves cycling but she still has the phobia of riding a bike because she fell off her bike a few years back. Today she is happy to be part of sports team, she has not won any medals yet but she hopes to win one for her team in future.